Fitness: Expectations vs Reality

Fitness Reality vs Expectations

Think when we all begin our training there should be a main goal set and objectives also set along the way to achieve said goal. Doing this, one can avoid having doubts creep up on oneself when the training becomes too arduous, but let’s be honest, many of us don’t!

1. Expectation: Becoming the ideal human aesthetic for all to marvel at

Ideal Human Aesthetic
The first thing we do when finished with our first work out is go and flex in the mirror, checking on the progress, envisioning our future chiseled physiques. You can just feel the burn, your muscles sore, makes you think you are shedding your old self and becoming a Master Sith in no time!

2. Reality: Rome wasn’t built in one day

Reality Rome Wasn't Built in One Day

I don’t want to act like some Rebel Scum attempting to derail your well thought out plans, but I must! The reality is one’s training takes a considerable amount of time, the pain one must endure, the sweat drenched day by day, your every motion and lift chiseling your body; like an artist at work sculpting.

3. Expectation: Looking online for dietary and workout regimens that will shorten my training

Expectation Shortening Training

Being a meticulous apprentice, as I know you are as well, we will search for information online about accelerating our training, in order to achieve the results quicker. Searching we come upon the various individual claims about the success they have achieved with these particular regimens. Thinking we have pieced together the perfect plan, after hours or days of intensive research from various sources, how could this fail??

4. Reality: No one regimen is universal and can work for everybody

Reality No One Reigmen is Universal

Human bodies are a magnificent because of our fragility, intricacy, and perseverance. The human body has different levels of pain threshold that it can endure, our dietary regimens can affect us differently because of tolerance issues, and body/organ abnormalities that limit your ability to perform your training. Each apprentice needs to cater their training to their specific situation and to their bodies, very important to go and seek the guidance of people who know more and are willing to help!

Currently I know all of you are asking yourselves why would I need to go through any of this? I am just going to put on my training gear and start sweating, no need to organize this as if it’s a daily event. Understand your reasoning and a few years ago I would have been in your camp as well. Think about any situation in your life when there is no plan, it tends to go sideways and you are unable to achieve any objectives or goals. Applies to a fitness regimen as anything else in life.

Encourage any and all of you apprentices out there reading this post, take half an hour out of your day and setup a plan to get started on your health and fitness journey today! Whether that involves having a professional by your side or you going at it alone, keep a journal of your dietary regimen and update it daily. Carve out particular times out in the days you have available for training and be consistent with your new set schedule.

Remember, as I stated earlier in the post, Rome was not built in one single day and neither will you. The whole venture is a process and it does not have to be dull, make it exciting, explore the outdoors, join a fitness squad with other fellow apprentices. The world wide web has opened so many different avenues and choices for us, the world is yours, go take it!

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Written by apprentice

I am the apprentice, a lone Jedi hating tricenarian (means mid 30s) who enjoys living a healthy lifestyle. Dedicated my life from here on in to fitness and health, whether dietary, physically, or spiritually.

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  1. I totally agree that there’s a specific regime for each person. Knowing that is half the battle.

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