I am a Sith apprentice currently struggling with my individual training and recently came to a decision to share my struggles and (upcoming) successes with all of my other fellow apprentices out there going through the same thing. The good people of Earth call me Eric, but in other parts of the Galaxy I will soon be known as Darth Fitness!

The dedication was not always there to establish and maintain my health and fitness in order to become a great Sith Lord. Ignored the dietary regimen necessary for many years and developed many bad habits (since my youth).

Created this blog for other apprentices like myself to find solutions to the problems that result from our rigorous training. Whether these are the daily dietary and physical regimens, what methods are best (for you or I) to achieve the results we and our Headmasters desire (shout out to our bad ass Sith Lords).

During the process of creating this project I realized that not all apprentices can adhere to the same training another can. I have therefore elected to feature a wide array of regimens (both physical and dietary) to feature. You can find articles on this blog about health and fitness for all apprentices of any age, body type, or sex.

You will see that we also love making recommendations when finding products that we loved or find particularly useful. I won’t deny (unlike the Jedi) that sometimes a commission is made from these recommendations, but we don’t recommend products we don’t believe in. Featured on this blog you will see activity trackers, home gyms, and anything else that helps make your training more efficient – and easier for you!

We take what we desire because we can. We can because we have power. We have power because we are Sith.―Sith Proverb