May The Force Serve You Well

Dedicated to other fellow apprentices seeking help in their training, both from a dietary and physical aspect.

Fitbit Charge 2 Review: Quality Activity Tracker With a Larger Screen

Good day (or evening) to all of my fellow apprentices. First things first, hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas time and New Years with your loved ones this past year. Today I’m going to share with you my thoughts on one of the most beloved and (at times) frustrating activity tracker/fitness monitors. Let’s […] More

Have A Merry Sithmas!

Annnnnnnd A Happy New Year!! Enjoy your time off from your rigorous training and have a cheat meal or two ;). (I won’t narc on you to our Sith Lords) More

Fitness: Expectations vs Reality

Think when we all begin our training there should be a main goal set and objectives also set along the way to achieve said goal. Doing this, one can avoid having doubts creep up on oneself when the training becomes too arduous, but let’s be honest, many of us don’t! 1. Expectation: Becoming the ideal […] More